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Press Release on COVID-19

Rhonda’s top ten promises to Louisville, the 3rd district:

1.  Pro-Life for the unborn and the aged – Rhonda believes life begins at conception and ends naturally.  Rhonda does not support abortion or euthanasia.

2.  Pro Second Amendment – Rhonda supports the constitutional amendments specifically those that are “inalienable” rights bestowed upon us by our creator such as the right to bear arms.  Rhonda does not support “Red Flag” laws which can be easily abused.

3.  No Sanctuary Cities – Rhonda does not support our Mayor naming Louisville as a Sanctuary city for illegal aliens. She supports strong borders and more vetting. Rhonda believes that immigrants should follow the immigration laws and that immigrants should assimilate themselves in our culture by obeying our laws, learning English and be self-sustaining through their own work efforts.

4.  Veterans First – Rhonda is in support of housing and caring for every single homeless veteran in Louisville.  Rhonda will support existing and additional programs to make certain that our veterans are taken care of physically and mentally.

5.  Flexible Health Insurance – Rhonda believes in less government intervention in the free market system.  Rhonda will support insurance companies doing business across state lines and offering flexible, portable health insurance plans which will be more affordable to all especially small employers. 

6. School Choice – Rhonda believes that a child should attend a school that is near their neighborhood is they choose.  This enables parents to be more involved as well as enables the child to participate in after school sports and other activities.

 7. Empowerment Zones – These are improvements on the previous Free Enterprise Zones.  Rhonda strongly supports these initiatives which will help those who wish to start businesses the opportunity.

8.  Criminal Justice Reform – Rhonda is in support of de-criminalizing non-violent crimes and Second Chance Legislation.(Need help defining this)  Lower Taxes across the board and Government Accountability when it comes to spending.  (see list of waste).

9.  Infrastructure – Rhonda will work with local, state and federal government to improve Louisville’s aging infrastructure.

10.  Industry – Rhonda believes in American made and will work to bring more high paying jobs to Louisville which was once a thriving manufacturing town.

“A Proven Conservative for Louisville”

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