A Tenacious Leader For Today's Challenging Times
School Choice

I will push for school choice so parents can choose how their children are educated.

Safe Communities

Safety is of utmost importance. We must restore and increase safety in our communities.

Job Opportunities

It's time for Louisville to become a leading city for the best jobs in America.

Rhonda Palazzo is…

A true conservative and Pro-Life candidate, Rhonda Palazzo is an accomplished Stockbroker and Real Estate Professional. She was born and raised in Louisville, Ky, and has watched the city go in a direction that she knows is dangerous to our future. Even now, our freedoms and liberties are under attack. She is determined, with your help, to restore and increase peace and prosperity to our communities in Louisville and nationally. Growing up as the oldest of nine children in a large Catholic family, Rhonda is a natural born leader and problem solver. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville School of Business, with a passion for quality education. She will fight for Educational Choice, where federal funding follows the student and is not guaranteed to the public school systems. This will give parents back their choice and their voice in their children’s education. Rhonda Palazzo knows that putting an end to violence and addressing the crime rate begins with our children. A quality education for all that is not limited to the public schools will increase literacy. Children need to once again be taught about
our Constitution, the evils of Communism, and the reason for and importance of our laws. The public schools should be competing for enrollment and serving the families of our communities, rather than indoctrinating our children and dictating the standards that parents must accept.